About us

At Hydralyte, we believe in making your world better and have been doing so for nearly 20 years! Our philosophy is simple….a hydrated body is a happy body and we believe when you and your loved ones feel great, life is more enjoyable.

Being Australia’s #1 ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) is no easy task; it means we have and continue to work tirelessly to bring you a variety of formats and great tasting flavours to keep life flowing. We do this by using our scientific expertise, developing high quality products that rehydrate you faster than water alone, all done by a lean but fully dedicated team, committed to helping you get back to your best self.

We keep our recipe simple in line with WHO (World Health Organisation) criteria, using the absolute minimal ingredients required to make a true ORS, no need for the extra bells and whistles as they aren’t important!

We do other things too, like support various charities, sponsor kids in need, and when major disasters strike like the bushfires we lend a helping hand; after all, we are in the business of making peoples worlds better.

About Care Pharmaceuticals

Care Pharmaceuticals is a leading and innovative Consumer Healthcare company with brands that are endorsed by healthcare professionals, and loved and trusted by consumers across their life stages.

Established in Australia in 1986, Care Pharmaceuticals (formerly known as Paedpharm Pty Ltd) is part of Prestige Brands Holdings Inc (Prestige acquired Care in July 2013).

Our focused and dedicated team have created a strong foundation for building brands, expanding our product portfolio and driving innovation.

We focus on high quality and innovative products in the over-the-counter healthcare market, with the aim of improving the lives of our customers and their world. For generations, our trusted brands have helped consumers care for themselves and their loved ones.