There are a number of causes of dehydration when travelling. Including travellers diarrhoea, dehydration due to long-haul plane flights, travelling often involves hotter weather, more active days and a little more alcohol – all common triggers for becoming dehydrated.

If you’re about to travel somewhere new, then make sure you’re aware of the dehydration risks, and pack plenty of oral rehydration solutions like Hydralyte.


Dehydration on long-haul plane trips

When you’re stuck inside a pressurised aeroplane cabin for a long time, you can easily get dehydrated. Humidity inside planes is as low as between 12-21% versus a comfortable humidity of 60-70%, and cause you to become dehydrated if enough fluids (non-alcoholic) are not consumed.
Sip on a Hydralyte, drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating beverages like alcohol, tea and coffee. Moisturise your skin and use eye drops if you need to.

Did you know that keeping well hydrated during the flight can also help to minimise the effects of jetlag? While staying well hydrated isn’t a cure for jetlag, it can certainly help you feel better when you land.


Dehydration from travellers’ diarrhoea

The number one health complaint from travellers to less developed countries is travellers’ diarrhoea. Bali Belly, Delhi Belly, Rangoon Runs … call it what you like, travellers’ diarrhoea is nasty, with the loose bowel motions often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and fever.

The World Health Organisation identifies dehydration as the most severe threat caused by travellers’ diarrhoea. Thus, the most important thing to do if you are struck down is to rehydrate to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. Hydralyte is ideal for this purpose, and as such it is recommended that all travellers to less developed countries carry an oral rehydration solution like Hydralyte.


Other risks of dehydration when travelling

As well as long-haul flights and travellers’ diarrhoea, travelling throws up a range of other ways that you can become dehydrated. For example, you might be heading to a very hot destination and you sweat a lot more than usual. Or you may be heading off on a strenuous hike.


Your rehydration travel pack

If you’ve got a holiday coming up, then pack smart. Include Hydralyte in your first aid kit as a mandatory – and then pack enough in your suitcase to cover your entire family, just in case.