Top 5 Hangover Heroes

We’ve all been there. That dull headache, a mouth that’s as dry as the Sahara… don’t even get us started on the nausea! “I’m never drinking again”, you say to yourself curled in the foetal position on the bathroom floor. Famous last words, right?

It’s times like these that you forget what it’s like to feel, well, normal. But pick your head up off that toilet seat friend, because it’s true what they say; not all heroes wear capes. And we’re about to share our 5 favourite heroes that will help you feel better, sooner.

1. Sweet Potato

A delicious vegetable. A dependable sidekick to many dinner dishes. But a lesser-known fact, sweet potato is also packed with nutrients that are excellent for a speedier hangover recovery. Why’s this? Vitamin A may help fight inflammation associated with hangovers, while the magnesium and potassium in sweet potato replace those lost due to alcohol consumption. 200 grams of cooked sweet potato will tally up 750% of the Daily Value of vitamin A, plus 14% and 27% of magnesium and potassium, respectively1.

2. Eggs

There’s a reason this one is a top candidate for people around the world experiencing hangovers. A night of drinking alcohol decreases the body’s glutathione, making it harder to break down alcohol’s toxic byproducts. Thankfully, our good friends that go by the name of ‘Eggs’ are rich in cysteine, which helps the body produce glutathione. Plus, who doesn’t love a good bacon and egg roll, right?

3. Nuts

No, we’re not nuts, but you might be if you’ve never heard of this hangover helper! Just teasing. But seriously, nuts are an excellent source of magnesium, which can be diminished in your cells after enjoying a few too many drinks. Your best choices are cashews and almonds, which can give you 74mg – 80mg of magnesium per 30g servings respectively2. So if you’re feeling a little under the weather the morning after, go nuts on the nuts.

4. Ginger

For anyone whose main hangover hurdle is the nausea, this one’s for you. Mixed with fresh juice, hot water or as its more potent root form3, ginger has been found to quell the feeling of nausea associated with a hangover4. We know, it was a game-changer for us too. If you want to take this a step further, try a Chinese folk remedy known as the KSS Formula. This involves mixing ginger with tangerine and brown sugar, which has been said to significantly reduce nausea and vomiting associated with hangovers5.

5. Hydralyte

Naturally, we saved the best till last – the piece de resistance, the crème de la crème. The most important thing to remember about a hangover is that you are dehydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes bathroom trips more frequent, leading to increased water loss. When you’re already dehydrated, plain water alone just ain’t going to cut it for rehydration.

So our #1 hangover hack is to have a 200 mL glass of water on our bedside table BEFORE we go to bed. Pop 2 Hydralyte Effervescent Tablets in and sip this slowly before going to sleep. Feel free to repeat this process once more for the best results. Alternatively, stick a Hydralyte Ready To Drink on your bedside table before you go out (keep that tipsy fumbling to a minimum)!

This will go a long way to making the next day more bearable and get you on the express route to recovery.







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